• 10-5-2012


Come take part in what God is doing
through the ministry of Teen Challenge Jamaica! 

  • Photo 1 of 26Bring your missions team to Jamaica

  • Photo 2 of 26Delmarva missions team

  • Photo 3 of 26Mission team from Canada

  • Photo 4 of 26Mission team performs drama at local school

  • Photo 5 of 26Missions Team performs drama out in the community

  • Photo 6 of 26Missions team repairs water reservior at new farm

  • Photo 7 of 26You will have some spare time to enjoy our sunny beaches!

  • Photo 8 of 26Roof top air-conditioned missions dorm at TCJ

  • Photo 9 of 26Visiting team speaks to students in chapel

  • Photo 10 of 26We couldnt have gone this far this fast - without missions teams

  • Photo 11 of 26Having fun with the local school kids

  • Photo 12 of 26team members always have fun with our students

  • Photo 13 of 26Teen Challenge is located in the Ocho Rios area of Jamaica

  • Photo 14 of 26Dunns River Falls is a must do as part of your missions trip

  • Photo 15 of 26check out the fun at local street vendors

  • Photo 16 of 26Port Antonio Jamaica

  • Photo 17 of 26

    Missions team doing repair work

  • Photo 18 of 26

    Map of Caribbean

  • Photo 19 of 26

    Mission team constuctions work

  • Photo 20 of 26

    Working with local school kids

  • Photo 21 of 26

    Homeless person in Jamaican village

  • Photo 22 of 26

    prayer for TCJ students

  • Photo 23 of 26

    Pastor Cusick and baby in Jamaica

  • Photo 24 of 26

    Not your typical transport in Jamaica

  • Photo 25 of 26

    Training session with GTC staff

  • Photo 26 of 26

    Dorm 3 completed at new Haddon Farm!


Missions Team Overview:

  • We'll work closely with you on a plan that fits your team 
  • We handle most of the "on-the-ground" stuff
  • Enjoy our good quality missions dorms on-site
  • Construction, Medical, School & Street outreaches and more
  • Teach at our Teen Challenge centers
  • References available

Here are some of our current projects:

  • Prep work at our new vegetable farm - up in the hills not too far from Ocho Rios.
  • Construction work at 3 of our Teen Challenge Jamaica sites.
  • Conduct outreaches to schools, streets and nearby communities.

For more information on bringing your MISSIONS TEAM to JAMAICA, contact Anthony Richards at (876) 795-2695 or CLICK HERE for contact/more information.


Previous Missions Teams

Central Worship Centre Mission Team

Here's a photo of Pastor Tim Dukes and 64 other missions team members from his Church, Central Worship Centre and the Delmarva Christian High school, Delaware USA, during their visit to Teen Challenge Jamaica a few years ago. 

Delmarva missions team.JPG

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